The engine

Brutus Chess is a winboard-compatible chess engine. It ain't the strongest, but be carefull, a millenium or two ago he knocked out Caesar! You can play chess against Brutus either using the command-line, or using winboard or Arena, two very nicy graphical user interfaces. I specially recommand the Winboard manager developed by Alex Guerrero: The latest release is WinMan_13b. Click here to download a copy directly from this website.

Brutus has been written in C++ and is designed in an object oriented way (as far as the speed allowed it to). Initially it has been inspired by engines like TSCP, Beowulf and Crafty. I would like to thank all authors for providing their code freely. The source code of Brutus can be downloaden below. Brutus has an alpha-beta algoritm, hashtable, opening book, null-move pruning, pondering, and supports SMP (multi-processing).

The team behind the engine

The Brutus-team currently consists of the following members:

Download latest version.

Download Brutus 8.05 all in one zip-file containing Brutus win32, win64 and win64-i7 executable (with popcnt optimalization working on Nemethal processors only), the ini-file, NEW openingbook and official Brutus logo. The source is included also. The EGTB is not included and can be downloaded at the Arena website (On the left click userfiles/engines, then "Axon, EloStat, Nalimov" on top of the page). If you are looking for a stronger (and larger) openingbook than the included book, I recommand downloading Perfect15.

New in version 8:
Previous versions of the program are also available:
v7.2b Full code cleanup. Evaluation settings improved with great effect
v6.1 First version with Nalimov-code and multithreading
v5.4. The good-old 5.4 version which made it to WBEC-division 4!
v3.4 (including opening book).
v2.05 (including opening book).

Any comments could be sent to: (remove the underscores).

Hope you like the engine,
The Brutus Team